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The core technology

Complete intellectual property rights, new breakthroughs in battery technology, and the development of renewable energy

As a domestic company that industrialized water system ion batteries, Enpower Energy  has successfully broken through many major technical problems in battery materials, battery production process and production equipment through years of research and development, and produced productized and practical water system ion battery reactor and system products.

The es48-70 water system ion battery reactor adopts the modular design, with the capacity of single battery reactor reaching 3 kWh, and the battery module em48-840 with capacity 36 kWh can be achieved through parallel connection. Energy storage capacity can also be achieved through the installation of containers or battery racks. To cater to different application scenarios, energy management systems, Agilis 3 1000 series household photovoltaic energy storage systems, Agilis 3 2000 series small commercial energy storage systems, and integrated energy storage and micro grid solutions are also introduced. It covers the fields of household, commercial and micro-grid energy storage. It can be applied to improve the overall system efficiency, self-service rate, stability and reliability of photovoltaic power generation, solve the power consumption problems in remote areas without electricity and unstable regions of power grid, and also apply to the smooth output of large photovoltaic power stations, cut peak load and fill valley of power grid, reduce the loss of power transmission and distribution network, etc.